House Special Combinations

 All Served with
Your Favorite Fried Rice
Your Favorite Lo Mein
2 Choices of  “A”
1 Choice of  “B”


                                       A1. Egg Roll

                                       A2. Spareribs

                                       A3. Pork Strips

                                       A4. Chicken Wings

                                       A5. Chicken Fingers

                                       A6. Fried Shrimp

                                       A7. Crab Rangoon

                                       A8. Boneless Ribs

                                       A9. Beef or Chicken Teriyaki

                                       A10. French Fries

                                       A11. Spring Roll



                                       B1. Triple Delight

                                       B2. Any Pork Dish

                                       B3. Any Beef Dish

                                       B4. Any Chicken Dish

                                       B5. Chop Suey (any kind)

                                       B6. Chow Mein (any kind)

                                       B7. Egg Foo Yong (any kind)

                                       B8. Sweet & Sour (Chicken or Shrimp)

                                       B9. Szechuan Chicken or Shrimp

                                       B10. Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

                                       B11. Orange Beef

                                       B12. Crispy Beef

                                       B13. General Gau’s Chicken

                                       B14. Lobster Sauce or with Shrimp

                                       B15. Sesame Chicken

                                       B16. Orange Chicken

                                       B17. Hot & Spicy Wings

For $11.95


  Hot & Spicy




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