Chef's Specialties

Happy Family 14.35

Roast pork, chicken , beef, scallop,shrimp and crabme 
sutéed with Chinese vegetables in brown sauce.

Mongolian Beef 12.95
Ginger, scallion and onion.


House Special Two Delight   13.25
Two dishes in one. Beef with black Pepper on the side
 and large shrimp Sautéed without corn starch.


Gai Po Lo Mein ( for 2)       15.25
  Chunks of chicken fried in Batter
  with beef, shrimp and vegetable On bed of lo mein.


Havaii Five "O"    14.25
  Beef, scallops, shrimp, imitation Crabmeat
  and vegetable on soft noodles.


 Yu Shiang Chicken    10.25
Fresh selected white meat chicken
 Mixed with vegetable in yu shiang spicy sauce.


Triple Delight 12.55
Fresh shrimp, tender beef and chicken
 Sautéed with mushrooms, water chestnuts Pea pods and broccoli.


                                                                                                    Small               Large

General Gau’s chicken  6.95      10.30
General Gau’s Beef        6.95 10.30
Orange Chicken     6.95 10.30
Orange Beef      6.95 10.30
Sesame Chicken 6.95 10.30
Sesame Beef 6.95 10.30
Crispy Beef 6.95 10.30




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